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“Ordinary (fitness) bicycles, the elders stepped on them for 5 minutes and said they would “go to the toilet” to leave,” said Chen Yuling, a physical therapist at the Hong Kong Senior Elderly Welfare Association. The virtual reality was purchased with the “Elderly and Rehabilitation Innovation Application Fund” On the other hand, fitness bikes are the opposite. Elders often ask for “overtime”. The original 15-minute period of exercise will be added to 30 minutes, and it will be queued for daily use. Elderly people who line up to play every day laughed and watched the world’s landscapes while riding bicycles. It was like traveling around the world. There were also elderly people who had to use bicycles to improve their ability to walk on a walking frame and recuperate for entertainment.

In December 2018, the Government launched a $1 billion “Senior and Rehabilitation and Creativity Application Fund” to subsidize eligible elderly and rehabilitation service units to purchase or rent technology products to improve the quality of life of service users and reduce the burden and pressure on nursing staff . The fund has completed two batches of applications. The first batch approved more than 37 million yuan to purchase or rent more than 870 innovative products; the second batch of more than 650 service units applied for about 2300 projects.

The SAGE Kaiye Nursing Home for the Elderly received funding to purchase three products, namely virtual reality exercise bikes, mechanical transfer aids and stress testing systems (see table). Luo Yaowen, the service director of the senior community, said that when applying for the fund, it will consider adding equipment in accordance with the needs of the residents and auxiliary staff. The goal is to encourage the care of the psychological and physical health of the residents and reduce the strain on the nursing staff.

Government funds to fund the purchase of residential care homes

Among them, the virtual reality exercise bike is connected to the screen, and users can choose a total of 169 routes around the world such as Japan and Paris, and can also adjust the resistance according to the user’s physical strength. The 86-year-old fellow Zhuo Zhiguang said that she would queue up to play every day and most like to go to Europe; the 71-year-old fellow Xiong Yuexian said that she had to take a wheelchair in the first two years and lowered the resistance of her exercise bike to make her step on more comfortably and trained Afterwards, you can now walk on a walking frame for a more stable walk.

Physiotherapist Chen Yuling said that at least 15 minutes of exercise bike training is enough to exercise muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function. In the past, seniors gave up on 5 minutes. Virtual reality exercise bikes increase the interest and time of elders, making training more effective.

Interactive ground projector training for the mentally handicapped

The Hong Kong Mental Health Association Shuntian Center, which takes care of people with intellectual disabilities, is also funded to purchase a “mobile interactive ground projector”. The projector has more than 800 built-in programs and games that can project different scenes and interact with the user’s movements to produce different effects, such as It allows students to dial away the leaves projected on the table to find items, collect flying goods and so on. Chen Jianting, an occupational therapist of the association, said that the projector can project different scenes, patterns, etc., which is more varied than traditional training, and can adjust the speed according to the ability of the trainees, increasing the sense of success and making the trainees more willing to participate.