Maintaining heart health is one of the keys to longevity, and it is a subject that cannot be ignored for the silver-haired. Dietitian recommends friends should improve drinkingfood,An effective lifestyle away from other chronic diseases.

Common in processed meat and artificial butter
What foods in our everyday diets may contain saturated fat and trans fat? Saturated fat is commonly found in processed meats, for example, the Chinese sausages on steamed rice, sausages and spam that are often served with rice noodles or noodles. They are not only high in saturated fat but also very salty, so if you want to prevent high blood pressure, it’s best not to eat too much of these food. On the other hand, fresh meats like pork ribs, sirloin or chicken skin also contain high saturated fat which is recommended to reduce consumption. As for trans fat, it is often seen in hydrogenated vegetable oils such as artificial butter as well as fried foods, cakes, biscuits and cookies, etc.

Dietitian advice3Great Food Tips Kick away bad cholesterol

NutritionistIt is said that “saturated fat” and “trans fat” are the two major culprits that affect cardiovascular health. Excessive eating can easily increase the content of bad cholesterol in the blood and narrow the blood vessels. If the blood vessels are not smooth, high blood pressure will form. If the pressure is too high and the blood vessels are fragile and overloaded, it will cause the blood vessels to burst, causing heart disease or stroke. Therefore, it is recommended that friends should pay attention to the following three tips before purchasing food daily:

1. Choose low-fat meat and seafood. For example, to use chopped pork tenderloin to make meat patty, or to add peeled chicken fillet or chicken spleen, tofu stuffed with fish paste or shrimp and crab meat to other dishes which can greatly reduce the intake of saturated fat

2. Eat more high-fiber foods. To have half to one bowl of cooked vegetables per meal and 2 servings of fruits daily. High water-soluble fiber intake can help reduce “bad cholesterol”, and vegetables and fruits also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining body function.

3. Before purchasing pre-packaged food, read the nutrition fact label on the food package to make sure it does not contain trans fat or relatively low in fat, at the same time, it’s better to replace packaged snack with fruits.

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