Online shopping process

step 1 Product Categories  You can search for products or services in different ways-health products, health services and resident brands. Each product has detailed introduction, specifications, FAQ and other reference materials.

Step 2 Choose size / color / model HKHL has a wide range of products for healthy living. Each product may have different sizes / colors / models, and the price may be slightly different. Please select the appropriate style according to the instructions before buying.

step 3 Choose quantity to buy When choosing a product, remember to choose the quantity you want to buy, and press the up and down arrows to change the quantity at any time. After selecting the quantity, the system will also display the inventory quantity. hint: Some hot products may be out of stock, you need to change the purchase quantity. (If you wish to purchase in large quantities, please contact us for enquiries!)

step 4 Add to Cart After selecting the size and quantity of your favorite product, you can add it to the shopping cart, and then continue to buy other products.

step 5 check the shopping cart After the purchase is complete, you can go to the shopping cart to view the information of the purchased product, or directly choose to checkout. After confirming that all products are correct, you can choose to proceed to checkout

step 6 Choose shipping method The system will list the delivery method and freight according to your delivery address, please choose according to your needs. You can choose delivery service (free shipping on purchases over $500)

Step 7 Enter shipping address Please follow the instructions to enter your shipping address. Entering the address correctly is very important for the delivery service. Please double check that the address is accurate. If you choose to pick up at a store, please choose the store where you pick up the product (Once the order is confirmed, you will not accept any request to change the pick-up location of the store.)

step 8 Confirm order and payment After entering all the information, if the order information is correct, carefully read and agree to the terms of service, you can go to PAYPAL / STRIPE to pay. Hongkong Health Life’s online shopping system unanimously uses the payment platform provided by Paypal / Stripe. It accepts multiple payment methods worldwide, and all handling fees are borne by HKHL Health Living.

  1. Supports more than 19 major currencies including Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, etc.
  2. Available for 190 countries / regions worldwide
  3. Customers can use PayPal / Stripe account balance or connect credit card, Debit Card, bank account and other payment network transactions through PayPal / Stripe

* Some customers may be charged an additional 0.8% bank handling fee when paying via PayPal using MasterCard. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that customers check with the card-issuing bank before making a payment, or make payments through other payment cards such as VISA.

step 9 PayPal / StripePayment platform After confirming the order, the system will direct you to the payment platform of PayPal / Stripe. You can use PayPal / Stripe to use PayPal / Stripe account balance or link credit card, Debit Card, bank account and other methods to pay the fee. After completion, our customer service specialist will follow up your order and arrange delivery as soon as possible. The system will also automatically send you a shopping order via email. Please keep it for future use.