“One Health” PhyllanPLUS Capsule



“One Health” PhyllanPLUS Capsule is a natural health product developed by renowned University in Hong Kong. This product has been proven to clear liver and protect liver in clinical trial conducted by renowned University. Suitable for people concerned about liver health.

  • According to “Xian Dai Zhong Yao Xue Da Ci Dian”: “Phyllanthi Urinariae Herba improves liver conditions and vision, clears heat and reduce dampness.”
  • According to “Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China, 2015”: “Astragali Radix promotes the production of qi, removes body dampness, nourishes blood, removes toxin and regenerates tissue to heal wound.”
  • According to “Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China, 2015”: “Notoginseng Radix et Rhizoma relieves bruise and stop bleeding, alleviates swelling and pain.”


Function: Enhance renewal of liver cell, promote liver health, remove toxin, accelerate recovery from hangover and reduce fatigue.

Ingredients: Phyllanthi Urinariae Herba, Astragali Radix, Chrysanthemi Indici Flos, Notoginseng Radix et Rhizoma, Lecithin. Capsule shell: Hypromellose, Titanium Dioxide.



For general use: Twice per day, 2 capsules each time.

For special treatment: 3 times per day, 4 capsules each time.

Packing: Each box contains 84 capsules, 500mg per capsule, net 42g/box.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Precautions: Not suitable for children and for woman during pregnancy.


Made in Hong Kong

Passed safety test on pesticide residue levels, passed safety test on heavy metal levels, passed safety test on microbiological levels, no long-term and acute toxicity, strictly selected herbs

International recognized Vcaps vegetarian capsule used




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