“One Health” Spleen Care Granule

Spleen Care Granule

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“One Health”Spleen CareGranule

93%users recognized the efficacy of One Health Spleen Care Granule – market research conducted by FRC (Feb2020)

Strengthen the spleen and stomach

Reduce body dampness

Reduce fatigue

Refresh mind

Relieve derma discomfort


-No added sugar, No artificial color, No preservative,

-Passed safety test on pesticide residue levels, Passed safety test on heavy metal levels, Passed safety test on microbiological levels,

-Strictly selected herbs,

-Complied with GMP facilities


Ingredients: Soluble Starch, Poria, Lablab Semen Album, Hordei Fructus Germinatus, Coicis Semen, Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma, Pogostemonis Herba, Platycodonis Radix, Dioscoreae Rhizoma, Ginseng Radix et Rhizoma, Amomi Fructus, Nelumbinis Semen, Ormenis mixta.

Direction: Adult 1 to 3 times daily, 1 sachet each time. Child (aged 6-12) 1-3 times daily, half sachet each time. Dissolve one sachet in 150mL hot water. Pour 80°C hot water into glass, then add Spleen Care Granule and soak for 5 minutes, stir well and drink.

Packing: Each box contains 10 sachets, net 10g granule/sachet, net 100g/box.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Precautions: Please consult your doctor/CMP before use during pregnancy. This food production plant also handles tree nuts and nut products. Sedimentation is a natural phenomenon. This product is manufactured by natural herbs, color and flavor deviation in powder are natural phenomena.


Made in Hong Kong

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