ProbioLife (portable)

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ProbioLife (family incremental) is convenient for you to eat at home or office,
Help you add protein and improve intestinal health!
feature of product:


probiolife-protein-efficacy 益纖蛋白

Suitable for:
  • People who need protein supplements, such as: the elderly, sports people, vegetarians, etc.
  • People who want to lose fat or lose weight
  • People who want to reduce carbohydrate consumption, suppress appetite, and have lean muscles
  • People who pursue a strong and slim posture
  • People who prefer no dairy products and lactose
    •  No added preservatives, sugar, spices
    •  Non-GMO soybeans
    •  Free of dairy products and lactose
    •  Vegetarian soy protein
    •  100% American raw materials, all approved by the US FDA Food and Drug Administration
    • Net weight: 520 g

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