Forica PLC Low Protein Packaged Rice-Small Pack 1/20 (Made in Japan)


Product description and specifications

Attributes: PLC low protein packed rice

Functions and features: A series of products that effectively control the protein, phosphorus, potassium and sodium content of rice intake. Independent packaging design, easy to eat.

Low protein diet suitable for chronic kidney disease-instant meal. The high-pressure and high-temperature cooking process makes each rice taste soft and elastic. Easy to cook, convenient and fast 【low salt · low protein】

Suitable: Patients with kidney disease and diabetes

Small package specification: 150g

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Main nutrient content

Per content: 150g

Energy / kcal: 250

Moisture / g: 88.5

Protein / g: 0.18

Fat / g: 0.2-0.12

Carbohydrates / g: 60.6

Ash content / g: 0

Sodium / mg: 1-5

Potassium / mg: 0.5

Phosphorus / mg: 21

Table salt / g: 0

Additional information

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