Forica Mixer Fruit Series-Grape Puree (Made in Japan)


Product description and specifications

Attributes: Shape adjustment food (more convenient shape)

Functions and features: Designed for people who are inconvenient to eat fruits and vegetables, using fresh fruits and vegetables raw materials to retain taste and fiber taste, using high-temperature instant sterilization technology, without adding preservatives, can be stored for a long time without opening.

Nursing food grade: No need to chew (fruit puree, puree)

Suitable: Difficult to chew and swallow

Small package specification: 500g

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Main nutrient content

Per content: 100g

Energy / kcal: 81

Moisture / g: 79.8

Protein / g: 0.2

Fat / g: 0.3

Carbohydrates / g: 19.3

Ash content / g: 0.4

Sodium / mg: 66

Potassium / mg: 93

Calcium / mg: 13

Phosphorus / mg: 15

Iron / mg: 0.3

Food fiber / g: 1.1

Table salt / g: 0.2

Additional information

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