“One Health” Joyous Bag (Multi-purpose Ice & Hot Bag) (2 pcs)

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Suitable for people suffering from all kinds of pain, menstrual syndrome, sports injury and fever.


– Soft material is used to allow close contact with all body parts to enhance efficacy

– Wide bag mouth for ease of inserting ice cube or hot water

– Rotary lid for ease of opening

– Durable waterproof material guarantees to be safe and reliable

– Stylish design, light and convenient

– Quality assured by CE mark


As Hot Pack:

– Soothe muscular strain and soreness

– Use on belly or waist to soothe menstrual syndrome

– Use on throat, head or back to alleviate cough, headache or cold

– Relieve sprain and bruise, improve blood circulation

– Use on stomach to ease stomachache

– Alleviate breast pain during breast-feeding


As Cold Pack:

– Reduce body heat during fever

– Stop bleeding and relieve swelling from sports injury

– Alleviate toothache



  1. As hot pack: pour 70oc hot water into the bag, tighten the lid before use
  2. As cold pack: put ice cube or ice water into the bag, tighten the lid before use


Material: TPU

Size: 6 inch (capacity 600c.c.)

Weight: 60g

Temperature limit: -20oc to 70oc

Precautions: Do not pour hot water of above 70oc into the bag. Ensure the lid is tightened before use to avoid leakage. Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not pour other liquid (except water) into the bag. Do not use the bag if broken.


Made in Taiwan

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