Grass Jizhi Liver Po

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  • Promote body fat metabolism
  • Promote liver cell renewal
  • Promote recovery of damaged cells
  • Keep the liver metabolic health
  • Relieve a hangover and reduce fatigue


Cao Ji Zhi Gan Bao protects the liver

Cao Ji “Zhiganbao ™” is the only oily extract of Antrodia camphorata on the market. Its efficacy and absorption rate are higher than that of ordinary powders. One capsule is equivalent to several times the efficacy of other products. The compound contains the patented ingredient NattoMena ® to prevent fat metabolism and keep the tissue soft and healthy. Research from a well-known university in Hong Kong has confirmed that “Chigan Liver ™” can hangover successfully within 80 minutes *, which is several times faster than the hangover products on the market. Internal * keeps the liver healthy and reduces fat accumulation by 51% *, which is the best supplement for liver cancer.

Research confirms * that combating fatigue is extremely helpful and is best for busy Hong Kong people!

* Source: <Research on the anti-fatigue function of Antrodia camphorata> Li Shunlai

30 capsules per box, 600ml per capsule
main ingredient
Antrodia camphorata mycelium oil extract, soybean extract, natto extract NattoMenaTM (containing natural vitamin K2), compound vegetable oil (soybean, canola, corn, sunflower, cottonseed)
* This product may contain traces of soybeans
Suitable for people
People who drink too much
People who often go to night
People with insufficient rest
People who take medicine for a long time
People over 35 years old who are concerned about liver health
Weekday maintenance, once a day, 1 capsule each time;
Strengthen maintenance, once a day, 2 capsules each time
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