Grass Ji Menstruation Tightening Treasure

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  • Tighten the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the pubic muscles
  • 85% improves the problem of forbidden loss, no more embarrassment
  • 100% Regulates the disorder of menstrual cycle
  • 85% Relieve discomfort during menopause, keep young inside and outside
  • Promote circulation of qi and blood, and improve cold hands and feet



Postpartum, climacteric pubic muscle relaxation is most vulnerable to incontinence
As she enters middle age, she has gradually entered the stage of exhaustion of yin and qi. She will find that her muscles begin to relax, and her private areas are not old and aging first. Especially in postpartum or former women, the muscle tension is greatly reduced. The pelvis in the lower abdomen includes the uterus, bladder, large intestine and other organs. Due to pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles will bear too much weight, causing “pelvic cavity relaxation.” Women affected by this problem tend to stimulate the pubic muscles due to the following behaviors, leading to incontinence:
laughing out loud
In addition to embarrassment and embarrassment, the resulting taste can also have a major impact on social life, daily life, and personal emotions. In severe cases, it can even destroy the intimate relationship of the couple.
Embarrassment of incontinence is no longer necessary for women
Cao Ji Tiao Jing Tiao Bao (Strengthening Formula)The use of pure natural herbal ingredients can more effectively tighten the pelvic floor and vaginal muscle relaxation, improve women’s problems such as irregular months, suitable for postpartum women, and can also relieve menopausal problems. The enhanced formula contains green tea essence catechins, which effectively removes yellow skin, makes the skin more energetic, and anti-oxidation more youthful. Lecithin can provide sufficient moisture and oxygen to the skin, making the skin smooth and soft. Caojie Tiaojing Tiaojingbao (Strengthening Formula) 100% is natural, capable of invigorating qi and blood, dispersing wind and cold from the outside, and qi and blood can reach all parts of the body from inside to outside. It is a safe and reliable treasure for female health care without side effects.
Suitable for people
Pubic muscle relaxation
Things go wrong
Palpitation and insomnia
Mental fatigue
60 capsules per box, 500 mg per capsule
Place of production
Hong Kong
Main ingredient
Turmeric, catechins, pomegranates, kaempferi, eucommia, pomegranate peel, lecithin
  • Before and after tightening muscles or menopause: 3 capsules each morning and evening
  • Regulate menstruation and promote blood circulation: 3 capsules per day
(It should be taken on an empty stomach for complete absorption)
Completing a three-month course of treatment helps to tighten the yin and delay aging. After completing the course of treatment, 3 capsules can be used daily for health care.

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