Cotton Field Royal Enzyme 720ml-Cordyceps Mycelium

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  • Cordyceps can resist fatigue and increase vitality
  • Can protect the liver
  • Maintain normal physiological functions, promote metabolism, and increase physical strength


Cotton Field Royale Enzyme-Cordyceps Mycelium

product description
Contains a variety of comprehensive plants and essences obtained by fermentation of high-quality protein, containing precious extracts of Cordyceps sinensis mycelium and rice germ fermentation.

Product raw materials
Apple juice concentrate, pure water, soybean fermentation broth, Cordyceps sinensis mycelia (Hirsutella sinensis mycelia), comprehensive plant ferment (Japanese plum, apple, persimmon, banana, pineapple, mutong fruit, fig, strawberry, grape) , Bayberry, bayberry, navel orange, tangerine, lime, kumquat, Iyo orange, citrus, orange, mandarin, ponkan, lemon, burdock, carrot, mint leaf, lotus root, lily bulb, brown rice, glutinous rice, millet, Rice bran, corn, barley, soybean, black bean, gherkin, black sesame, white sesame, kelp, wakame, hijiki, laver, green laver, walnut, perilla, celery, dextrin), spices, rice germ fermentation extract (Rice germ fermentation extract, defatted rice bran, defatted soybean)


720ml / bottle

How to eat

Drink it directly or dilute it with boiling water, it is better to drink on an empty stomach

Shelf life

3 years

Additional information

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