Cao Ji Yuan Qi Shen Bao

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  • Solid hair, black hair, healthy hair
  • Improve energy and improve fatigue
  • Lasting vitality, strong heart
  • Improve sleep and concentration
  • Brilliance, young generation

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Cao Ji “Yuan Qi Shen Bao”It has been developed by TM experts for many years. The formula is accurate and the effect is obvious. It has been effective for several days. Caoji’s “Yuanqi Shenbao” TM is developed with valuable traditional Chinese medicines, and it is specially for men and women caused by kidney qi deficiency. In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, “kidney” includes not only the kidney, but also the yin and yang qi, which can store the body’s essence and control the body’s balance and normal evaluation. The so-called “Kidney Qi Deficiency”, that is, those who are gradually injured, will have the following situations:
Chinese herbal compound is stronger than single prescription
Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on solidifying Peiyuan, and treats the problem with a Chinese herbal medicine to gently regulate the body. The effect is more effective than a single-component kidney-preserving medicinal material. The single-side medicine only targets individual organs or organs, and cannot take into account kidney gas loss. Cao Ji Yuan Qi Shen Bao is the most effective compound that has been specifically researched for protecting kidney qi for many years. With 5 kinds of precious Chinese medicines, Ganoderma lucidum, Epimedium, Cornus, Poria and Salvia miltiorrhiza, it can comprehensively improve the problem of insufficient kidney qi, which is better than single prescription. More than multiple times, it is especially effective for improving physical strength, poor sleep, hair loss and gray hair, and lack of energy.
Chinese Medicine: Kidney Master “Fine”
“Essence” is the material basis for growth and development, various organs and activities of various organs. Therefore, in addition to being related to water metabolism, the kidney is also related to the body’s growth, development, and reproduction functions. According to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is the root of yin and yang, and the basis of innate endowment is where men and women are “generated”, not one-sidedly aimed at men’s sexual ability. Therefore, “kidney” includes not only the kidney, but also the yin and yang qi in the body, where the essence is stored, and the balance and normal function of the entire body.
Suitable for people
Lack of energy, fatigue and fatigue
Insomnia is easy to wake up, dreamy and forgetful
Renal Qi Losers
60 capsules per box, 500 mg per capsule
Place of production
Hong Kong
Main ingredient
Radix Rehmanniae, Reishi, Epimedium, Danshen, Dogwood, Poria, Peony Bark, Alisma, Yam
2 times a day, 2-3 capsules each time (fasting)

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