Cao Ji Huo Xin Wan (April 37 Edition)

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Heart Care
  • Improve blood viscosity
  • Keep blood vessels young
  • Optimize blood vessel elasticity
  • Keep blood flowing smoothly
  • Maintain heart and blood vessel health

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According to statistics, the number of people with “three highs” in Hong Kong continues to increase. The survey indicates that one out of two Hong Kong people has a three-high index that exceeds the standard △. With increasing age, blood vessels become less elastic and vascular resistance increases, causing cardiovascular aging and other problems. However, with the changing lifestyles of urban people, the “three highs” are not just a problem for the elderly. In recent years, those suffering from the “three highs” have tended to become younger. According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Department of Health, in the next 10 years, for every 1,000 Hong Kong people over the age of 30, about 100 people will suffer from the cardiovascular disease #. Most people in the city eat foods that are high in fat and sodium for a long period of time due to irregular diet and work schedule, and lack of exercise, which accumulates metabolic waste, which blocks blood vessels and hinders blood flow, which may cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. Experts recommend that citizens who are concerned about the health of the three highs consume natural ingredients to remove vascular waste and improve cardiovascular health.
30 softgels per box
Main ingredient
Red yeast rice powder, Natto extract powder, Panax notoginseng extract
1 capsule each time / 2 times a day
* (Recommended to take after lunch and dinner)

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