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Falls prevention

According to the statistics, there is 1 elder had experienced falls at least once in every 5 elders aged 65 or above. Among every 10 elders who had falls, there is 1 elder had serious injury or fractures..

[Osteoporosis] Can the intake of calcium improve bone density? Doctors explain two misunderstandings

In Hong Kong, nearly 40% of Osteoporosis patients are the elderly aged 65 or above, in 2018, there are even about 10,000 cases of hip fracture. The Osteoporosis focus group had a survey of “Female cognition and misunderstanding of Osteoporosis ” in March and found out that Hong Kong people have misunderstanding regarding the symptoms and treatment of Osteoporosis as nearly 30% of respondents think that only those who are humpbacked have Osteoporosis.

Home care reduce the times of hospitalize and improve activity capacity by 20%

Having stroke, falls or Parkinson can lower down the activity and self-care ability of the elderly. Research show that the older ones who accept home care after coming out of the hospital have better health condition and are less likely to return to the hospital or emergency room. Some non-governmental organizations urge the government to distribute 72 million Hong Kong dollars to promote the home care service to all areas in HK.