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Preventive medicine means to prevent diseaseThe occurrence of treatment, Which is consistent with the Chinese concept of “prevention is better than cure”, and Chinese MedicineThe state of “going to cure and not ill” echoes, “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic“It was mentioned that “the saint is not cured but he is ill, he is not ill; he is not chaotic, he is not chaotic” is a preventive medicine concept. Preventive medicine focuses on maintaining, promoting and maintaining the health of the general public, specific groups or individuals in general, and includes prevention infectious disease,disease,Disability,cancer, Other body tissue variations, and the occurrence of premature death, therefore involving multiple science,medicineversusPublic healthfield.

Preventive medicine is no longer a single subject, it is a combination of many subjects. We divide the current medical system into four areas: basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine and rehabilitation medicine. With the extensive progress of medical science and technology, as well as the health system based on prevention is also spreading in our country. In medical practice, preventive medicine is constantly improving and progressing, the population is the main object of preventive medicine, starting from the concept of prevention, conducting research on the relationship between external environmental factors and human health, so as to achieve disease prevention, improve people’s health and prolong life The role.

Preventive medicine at this stage

along withMedical modelProposed, and effectively withHealth conceptAfter the combination, a brand-new model was obtained: biological-psychological-social medical model. As a result, the development of preventive medicine theory is accelerated, and preventive medicine enters a new research field, and at the same time it ends the old concept of disease-free: health. However, the etiology, pre-clinical and clinical secondary prevention principles have become the core of preventive medicine strategy.Risk factorsResearch with high-risk groups is an important theory for exploring the causes and formulating plans, and has practical significance.

Computer TechnologyThe introduction of is the prerequisite for the development of preventive medicine, with the recent years InternetWidely used to make people’s life and work become Informatization,simplify. medicine information TechnologyThe establishment of the Internet has enabled various research institutions to connect and communicate with each other, providing great convenience for the development of preventive medicine.