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Urban disease – Neck pain

In the modern era, neck pain has been a prevalent problem. Incorrect postures such as prolonged periods of computer usage or phubbing, can lead to exhaustion or neck pain, and eventually nerve damage. Once the cervical nerve is damaged, it may lead to possible consequences, including neck pain, neck stiffness, headache, dizziness, shoulder or arm pain and weakened nerve reflex. Maintaining a good posture and exercising regularly can help in reducing the risk of neck pain.

Get rid of urban disease – Diabetes Mellitus

According to statistics, diabetes mellitus is a common chronic disorder in Hong Kong. There are 700,000 people with diabetes mellitus, representing in every 10 people in Hong Kong, there is one person with diabetes mellitus. There are Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus, over 90% of diabetic patients belong to Type II diabetes mellitus in Hong Kong.

How to identify your natural aging?

With the development of medicine, we are able to know if there’s a risk of stroke with myocardial infarction by testing the blood lipids or the possibilities of getting gout by checking the uric acid. However, how do we know our natural aging process? In human cell there is a short sequence of DNA that helps to identify the aging process, that is, telomeres.

Slow down natural aging by protecting telomeres

If you are not a big fan of aerobic exercise, you may try the popular HIIT(high intensity interval training)in recent years. The strategy is to finish maximum intensity exercise in a short period of time with less intense recovery periods which makes HIIT workout a time-saving training method.