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It is difficult for modern people to eat a good meal, not to mention cooking by themselves. Environmental pollution, eating habits and work pressure add to the pressure of health, so that some people will eat nutrition and health products, but there are hundreds of products, often let people Dazzling⋯⋯

There are 8 members of the B group family. Do you want to refresh and sleep with the same nutrients and dosage? Krill oil is more effective than fish oil? Are allergic eating probiotics really useful? I don’t have time to eat multiple nutrients in different periods. Can I eat them in one go? We organize 9 popular nutritional products, summarize common problems and myths, and experts solve the puzzles at once. Let you walk into the pharmacy, no longer like the little white rabbit who accidentally ran into the jungle, choose the right product for you, and avoid eating wildly.

9 most popular nutrition and health products

From 2017 to the first half of 2018, the nutrition and health products sales ranking can be summarized into 9 products: vitamin C, vitamin B group, lutein/astaxanthin, glucosamine, collagen type 2 (UC-2), Probiotics, fish oil/krill oil, collagen, and vitamin D are not on the list, but they have been included because of the upsurge of consultation due to news and physician promotion.

Based on the analysis of various channels, the purchase of nutrition and health products is also related to the environment and lifestyle. Watsons said that due to the increased allergic symptoms in the air pollution environment and the gastrointestinal problems caused by the stress of life and work, probiotics have become a popular health food in recent years. In addition, with the advent of an aging society, “skeletal health food” meets the needs of the elderly and is also a hot item. Due to problems such as excessive eye use and sore joints for a long time, citizens have gradually begun to accept krill oil, lutein, astaxanthin, and joint health care products. It is estimated that sales of Antarctic krill oil are about 18,000 pieces in the first half of 2017-2018, and total lutein eye care products are about 180,000 pieces.

Immune, vision care and joint care products continue to sell well, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%, but vitamin B group and vitamin C are still basic items for purchase.

Buy right, eat right, don’t use your body as a laboratory

These popular nutrition and health products are not new, or they are usually eaten, but if you choose to eat at the wrong time, think about it, or eat several at the same time, you don’t know that some nutrients will check and balance each other, and the effect is poor; once you eat it for a period of time When you find that it is not effective, you give up. Not only do you spend money, but the expectation of improving symptoms is also frustrated.

How to eat and buy nutritious and health care products correctly, how to improve the symptoms in life can be improved by this, there is a lot of knowledge, now start to understand, don’t be the Shennong’s yourself, and use your body as a laboratory!