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With the development of medicine, we are able to know if there’s a risk of stroke with myocardial infarction by testing the blood lipids or the possibilities of getting gout by checking the uric acid. However, how do we know our natural aging process? In human cell there is a short sequence of DNA that helps to identify the aging process, that is, telomeres.Telomere“.

The director of Santé à Vous Clinic Mr. Su points out: “ to slow down the speed of body aging is the best way to prevent chronic diseases.” Why most people don’t get sick when they were at the 20s but start to have various disease from 40 years of age, the answer is aging – the beginning of disease. But how do we know about ageing? From the telomeres.

What is telomere(Telomere)? What does it have to do with aging?

The chromosome stores genetic information and needs to be protected. Just like the plastic caps at the end of shoelaces, designed to protect the laces from unraveling, telomeres are used to help to stabilize the chromosome and keep the complete structure. Telomeres can be compared to a countdown timer for our life, each time a cell divides, the telomeres are shortened, by the time they cannot shorten anymore to protect the chromosomes, the cells will stop dividing and eventually die, this is the reason for aging. In addition, a U.S. research team found that among 143 experimental subjects, those with shorter telomeres have a mortality rate 3.8 times higher than the normal people while the infectious disease mortality rate is 8.54 times higher.[1]

Can we control our aging by protecting telomeres??

Although aging is inevitable, more and more studies in recent years show that the people who maintain a good living habit have longer telomeres as it helps them slow down or even prolong the shorten speed of telomeres. As a result, the key of preventing aging is to maintain the length of telomeres. Through regular telomere test, you understand the aging status and make healthy plans accordingly so as to live healthier more energetic.

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