When we entre the drugstores, we can see many different types of vitamin B-complex health products on the shelf, this is not just in Taiwan, even when we travel to the USA and Japan, we are often asked to buy these healthy food for friends and family. In general, vitamin B group is considered water-soluble and dissolve easily in water, so people think that even if they take extra dose, the vitamins can be excreted from the body through urinary output, therefore eating extra won’t be harmful but can help to stay healthy. Because of the above reasons, vitamin B group products became the popular must-have dietary supplements for a lot of Chinese, but is it really that good? And what’s the right way to take it?

1.Requires a proper diet:Vitamin B group is a coenzyme that assists enzymes in metabolizing nutrients and has a catalytic role. It cannot supply energy by itself. Therefore, if you do n’t eat well and the body lacks balanced nutrients, supplementing B group to fight fatigue ca n’t work.

2.Daily intake:The so-called proper amount is the sum of daily food intake and additional supplementary intake, which meets the recommended daily intake of nutrients. It is not good to add too much body and it will be excreted from the body automatically. Commercial group B health care products, such as pill tablets, liquid or functional drinks, come in a variety of styles, and some also contain excipients or additives. When purchasing, you must study the ingredient label on the outer package to see the purity And what exactly is the dose. Make good use of the latest nutrition labeling requirements for capsule and tablet foods, you can clearly check how many tablets are in each serving and the types and content of nutrients, and their percentage of the recommended daily intake, so that you can easily grasp The key to “moderate” supplementation.

3. More effective to take the whole vitamin B group together:Group B has a synergistic effect, it is suggested to take certain proportion for each kind at the same time to have the best benefit. If you understand clearly your dietary needs, you may choose a single dose of vitamin supplement with the guidance of a physician, for example, vegetarians, the elderly who lack vitamin B12 or pregnant women who require extra folic acid. if you are the people who have an unbalanced diet, insufficient intake, too stressful or who often drink alcohol that needs group B supplement, it is recommended to take all the nutrients in the entire vitamin B group rather than only a single kind of vitamin intake.

4. Too much doses lead to side effects:Generally speaking, although there won’t be too many side effects if you take excessive vitamin B group, it doesn’t mean there are none. Excessive intake of vitamin B2 may cause temporary skin itching, burning and pumping; excessive niacin, headaches, intestinal cramps, nausea, diarrhea, itchy skin, flushing of the face and other side effects; excessive vitamin B6 may cause neurological disorders and insomnia.

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