Pathology Services
What is Prolieve® Treatment

The Prolieve® Treatment is the brand new technology using methods like dilating the prostatic urethra and providing heat to the prostate to treat BPH. For those who constantly rely on medication, Prolieve® Treatment is an excellent alternative, not only does it reduce the side-effect of long-term medication, but it can also be used under comfortable environment with safe and reliable procedure.

The Prolieve® Treatment is a safe, effective, minimally invasive procedures and speedy recovery treatment.

Around the world there are more than 100,000 successful cases (no medical accident), and the curative effect and safety report of 10 years since our listing were submitted to FDA.
Body Check Up
Whole Body Check Up

To understand your physical condition more fully, we recommend you to do a whole body check-up every year. Through the physical examination, we can detect the potential health problem, to prevent it and even cure it before symptoms appear. The annual body check-up program generally consists items like to check the three highs, diabetes, liver and kidney function, gout, hepatitis examination, Helicobacter pylori, thyroid, heart examination, etc. In addition, ultrasound scanning is a technique that uses sound waves for diagnostic imaging, and can immediately understand whether there are some unusual conditions in the body. Therefore, when comparing or ordering a health checkup plan, you may choose the one that best suits you according to your personal needs, family medical history, or physical examination items.

Suggestions to

– Men or women at any age
– People who go to health checkup the first time or on a regular basis
– People who want to have in-depth examination with ultrasound scan

Aesthetic Medicine Service
INNOjector uses the world’s first innovative Vortex Technology to stimulate fibroblast of the dermis and generate extra collagen; at the same time, it can re-create formation for the fiber composition of the scar tissue and repair the collagen layer.

Worldwide exclusive design of patented needle-free injector, saline is used to inject directly to the skin with high speed water column.

Saline is injected through the Vortex Technology, to stimulate fibroblast of the dermis and re-generate the collagen of connective tissue.

Activate human body’s ability to heal wounds and produce more collagen to regain smooth, watery and firm skin.