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Men are commonly thought that they don’t get old as fast as women, and the older the men, the more mature and more appealing they are. Therefore there’s a Cantonese saying “men at 40 is like a blossom flower while women at 40 is like a pile of used tea leaves”, this means that 40 years of age of men are the symbol of maturity and at the golden age of their peak. But that is not true! Many men didn’t start to take care of themselves until very late! They are busy with their lives and families and don’t have time to care about their health or pay attention to preventive medicine, let alone skin care. Studies have shown that 41% of men never wear sunscreen, but they tend to have more outdoor activities which lead to skin damage like photoaging. On the other hand, there are higher percentage of men who smoke, so this is another reason for the skin to age quickly. In a word, not every mature man at the age of 40 are attractive or at their golden years.

Men and women are completely different
In fact, men and women are different regarding their facial contours and heads. Men have larger skulls and wider head, their brow bones are more convex, eyebrows are wider, eye sockets are more square, jawline is stronger, and they have more blood circulation on the face to supply for the growth of the beard, so when given injection treatment, men are more likely to get bruise. On the other hand, men have less subcutaneous fat than women and less soft tissue on the cheeks, so their faces don’t look as plump. Men’s skins are generally thicker than women’s, and their sebum secretion and sweat production are also more vigorous, their areas of hair are slightly different due to the male hormones. Androgens can turn colorless, straight, vellus hairs into colored, rough terminal hairs, which often occurs in the upper lip, chin, chest, abdomen, back, and forelegs where male hormones are in control. So if women have hairs in these places, they are considered masculine! The dream of staying young is shattered! With the increase of age, male hormones start to decrease after 30 years of age, causing the average amount of muscles in men’s bodies to drop by about 1% per year. After 40 years of age, there will slowly be loss of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, and their faces begin to lose support and elastic and prone to dynamic lines; after 50 years of age, the skin starts to sag and the boundary between the cheek and neck becomes blurred.

Men are also into beauty The number of men’s aesthetic medicine treatments has indeed increased a lot in recent years. According to a 2012 statistic, among the aesthetic medicine users, 9% are men, and almost one million of them choose to fine-tuned as they don’t want to look old and haggard and come with a negative image. Their consumption pattern is different from that of women, they trust word of mouth or introduced by good friends rather than trusting the advertisements, and they don’t go for really cheap things but to think it through logically. When it is confirmed to be trustworthy and reliable, men are willing to spend a large amounts of money on one go, which is similar to their purchase of cars and Hifi! As for the improvement of mature men’s charm, inner beauty is no doubt important, but the outer facial care is not to be ignored. Men’s skin care does not require complicated procedures, as long as you have proper skin care, you can get a nice result. In order to slow down the skin aging, please at least try to wear sun protection every day!

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