According to statistics, diabetes mellitus is a common chronic disorder in Hong Kong. There are 700,000 people with diabetes mellitus, representing in every 10 people in Hong Kong, there is one person with diabetes mellitus. There are Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus, over 90% of diabetic patients belong to Type II diabetes mellitus in Hong Kong. It is mainly related to overweight, obesity, lack of exercise or aging, which lead to body fails to produce enough insulin or the use is ineffective. In view of the commonness of diabetes mellitus, how can we prevent?

Based on research indicating that drink 1 to 2 cups of sugary beverage daily, can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Except sugary beverages, over intake of carbohydrate, fat accumulation, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, are also the risk factors for diabetes.

Carbohydrate will be broken down into single sugar units after digestion, which will raise the blood glucose level rapidly. It increases the burden of pancreas. Instead, fibre-rich foods can lengthen the absorption time of carbohydrate, which can stabilize blood glucose level. So as to control the consumption of carbohydrate, it is advised to eat fibre-rich foods first, then protein to satiate, and lastly carbohydrate.

Furthermore, fat accumulation causes central obesity. It leads to insulin resistance and higher risk of diabetes. In view of this, food with saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, such as fried food, high fat dessert, snacks, animal skin and grease, viscera etc. should be avoided. Also, consume more soluble fibre, which is found mostly in oatmeal, fruit, vegetables. It combines with fat and passes through the body, and in that way helps to lower the body’s blood cholesterol levels and reduce fat accumulation.

Last but not least, healthy dietary habit including select fibre-rich foods, eat regular meals and consistent portions, choose food with low glycaemic index value, can also help preventing diabetes. Remember, a regular routine in terms of balance diet, regular physical activity, maintain an optimal weight, can lower the risk of diabetes and meanwhile staying healthy!

Author: Info Health